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Fashion Accessories The functional qualities of Coated Fabrics make is a great material for protective clothing outdoors. Coated fabrics, being an ideal replacement for real leather, plays an important role in fashion design for many years. Coated fabrics has grown into one of the most fashionable materials to make a regular appearance at major fashion shows around the world. It is used mainly in garments, jackets, belts, wallets, gloves, etc. The toughness and durability of coated fabrics makes is an excellent material from which to make bags and luggage. With many different colours and material effects available, our range of coated fabrics is used in bags suitable for every environment, from the school playground to the beach. Coated fabrics is used mainly in wallets, pads, bags, purses, briefcases apart from diary covers and stationery items. Our vibrant colors, real leather like feel, extraordinary embosses and textures help our customers in the fashion industry to make very innovative, durable and attractive range of products.
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